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Emergency Heating Services In Washington, D.C., and Maryland

Your heating system is vital, especially during cold winter months. If young children or older adults live in the home, broken heating can be dangerous. In wintry weather, a lack of heat may even allow pipes to freeze in as little as a few hours. Emergency heating system repairs will return your home to a safe and comfortable temperature. With 24/7 and same-day services, Metro Services HVAC will help whenever necessary.

What Is Considered a Heating Emergency?

Any time your heater stops producing heat can signal a heating emergency. Lack of heat endangers your health and your home, and it may signal other dangers like leaking gas. Call for indoor emergency heater repairs whenever you have concerns about your furnace, heat pump or another heating system. Here are a few scenarios to watch for:

  • Leaking refrigerant: Harmful chemicals in refrigerant will make you sick when inhaled.
  • Loud and unusual sounds: Banging and popping sounds could signal duct issues. A buzzing sound might indicate an electrical problem.
  • Gas smell: You might smell gas in your home if your furnace gas line leaks. Leaking gas, like refrigerant, can cause adverse health effects.

Why You Should Call an Emergency Repair Service

Our Washington, D.C., and Maryland-area emergency repair technicians will visit your home as quickly as possible if you call us about a heating issue. This prompt service protects you and your property from potential dangers and provides advantages like the following:

  • Getting repairs when it works for you, rather than during your workday
  • Fixing a minor issue before it becomes more extensive and costly
  • Avoiding health risks like leaking gas or refrigerant
  • Preventing pipes from freezing, cracking and bursting
  • Staying safe from winter chills

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”The staff was courteous and professional at all times. They cleaned up after themselves. They even provided a fan for me while they were doing the install since my AC was out and it was a hot day.”
– Lauren A.

What Might Cause a Furnace or Heat Pump Malfunction?

Your furnace or heat pump has many parts that are essential to its operation. When one part breaks, the rest of the system might shut down, causing you to lose heating in your home. For instance, a thermostat tracks home temperature and tells a furnace when to start — if this part breaks, your furnace can’t run. Heating systems often have automatic shut-offs to protect you. Your furnace might shut down if clogged filters prevent airflow or the condensation pan gets too full.

Technicians might also check for issues like a turned-off power source. If you have an electric heat pump, it may stop working when a breaker gets tripped. A gas furnace won’t work if the gas line valve closes. An overloaded motor might cause your system to shut down as well — this issue typically arises when dust or other debris clogs the system and causes it to overheat.

Top-Notch Services From Metro Services HVAC

A broken heating system poses many dangers. At Metro Services HVAC, we are committed to keeping you safe. We work around the clock and can even visit within hours after you call to get your system up and running again. We have over 20 years of experience in HVAC, allowing us to troubleshoot furnace issues quickly and provide prompt repairs. We take pride in our work and strive to do the best possible job every time.

When we visit your home, we work courteously and professionally, cleaning as we go and letting you know what happens during every stage to prevent surprises. You can rely on us for emergency heating repairs that meet your performance and budgetary needs.

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We also provide emergency repair services in Washington, D.C.

Emergency Home Heating Repairs

We want to be a company you trust for everything from a same-day repair to a regular service visit. When your furnace or heat pump stops working or starts making concerning noises, contact us online or call 240-676-1804 for emergency repairs.

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