Zoning Systems

Air Conditioning Zoning In Washington, D.C., and Maryland

Air conditioning and heating systems can be separated into zones to improve temperature control in the home. Learn more about what makes these setups so beneficial and how our team can help you today!

How Do Heating and Cooling Zoning Systems Work?

Zoned HVAC systems regulate air in your home’s zones with dampers in the ductwork, which will open or close based on the needs of a particular space.

Zoning can be categorized in a few ways for HVAC setup. You may have one thermostat on each floor or two separate HVAC systems to control different portions of your home. There is also a version where your system’s main trunk has multiple runs. No matter which way your home is zoned, each is designed to give you more temperature control.

Metro Services HVAC can help determine how many zones your home needs. We will look at your needs to determine whether two — or more — different zones are appropriate for your space.

Why Get an HVAC Zone Control System?

Zoning systems work great for many homes. Your setup will create sections of your house where you can control temperature and humidity. These systems give more heat to colder rooms without expending excessive energy by trying to heat every floor.

Without a zoned system, your thermostat runs off what it knows. If you set it at 70 degrees, it will run until the area where it is located is at that temperature. That means every other room in your house could be hotter or colder than that space.

Zoned HVACs divert air from places that don’t need it, ensuring your home is comfortable without using energy where it’s unnecessary. Over time, a setup like this will save money on your heating and cooling bills.

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How to Know if Zoning Is Right for You

While many homeowners benefit from HVAC zones, it is only necessary for some. Signs that it may be valuable for you and your family include:

  • You have rooms that stay at a much different temperature than the rest of the house.
  • You have family members who have altering temperature preferences.
  • Your top floor stays warmer than the lower floors.
  • Your home has large windows.
  • You have special rooms with different heating and cooling needs.
  • Your home has rooms you use sparingly or get unreasonably stuffy.
  • You live in a multilevel home with a basement or attic.
  • You have high ceilings or a sunroom.

You should also consider your budget. While these setups are beneficial, they cost more upfront to account for installation and electrical work. Since they are more complex, there may be higher repair and maintenance costs over time. If your budget is tight, be sure to carefully weigh your need for an HVAC zoning system to determine how beneficial it will be.

Benefits of Working With Metro Services HVAC

When you need a setup installed, you can count on Metro Services HVAC to get the job done right. We provide installation, general repair and maintenance for your heating and cooling systems and thermostats. Advantages of working with us include:

  • Reliable customer service: Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers, so our entire team will strive to ensure your satisfaction with our work.
  • Efficient technicians: Everyone on our team has years of experience, giving them the necessary skills to install and maintain HVAC zoning systems for your home.

We provide HVAC zoning and other services in Washington, D.C., and the Howard, Montgomery and Frederick counties of Maryland.

Choose Metro Services HVAC for Air Conditioning Zoning

If you want an air conditioning or heating zoning system in your home, Metro Services HVAC is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an estimate or learn more about our services!

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