How Often Should Your AC Be Inspected?

How Often Should Your AC Be Inspected?

If you’re wondering if it’s time to have your AC serviced, you’re probably overdue for an inspection. Having your HVAC system checked now can help ensure your air conditioning will be running strong throughout the hottest days of summer. Regular AC service also keeps your warranty valid and can even help extend the life of your HVAC system.

Get your HVAC serviced and cleaned to keep your AC in the best possible condition and enjoy pleasant, relaxing indoor temperatures all year long. Use this guide to help you learn more about the benefits of professional AC maintenance and what regular inspection of your AC unit looks like.

Why Should I Service My HVAC?

Your HVAC system is constantly working to keep your home climate comfortable. Regular servicing ensures the system is working correctly and efficiently.

The more wear and tear on your unit, the less efficiently it works and the more energy it uses. Higher energy use leads to higher energy bills. Additionally, getting your HVAC checked lets you catch and fix minor issues before they turn into major problems.

Regular inspection of your AC unit can save your system while saving you money on energy bills and future repairs.

Who Should Perform AC Servicing?

You should always have your HVAC serviced and cleaned by professionals. Technicians have the training and skill to examine your air conditioner safely and provide the necessary tune-ups and care. They’ll be able to see early signs of damage and catch them before they become serious problems. They can also offer you the best solutions for AC care and repair in the future.

Your AC is an expensive, essential part of your home — it requires specialized care and handling to ensure it’s working at peak efficiency.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

It’s necessary to service your AC every year to maintain its systems and watch for any developing issues. You should also have your heating system serviced once a year. For the best service, have your heating and cooling systems inspected right before the times you’ll be using them the most.

When Should My AC Be Serviced?

You should have your AC serviced in the late spring before summer starts and your heating in the late fall before winter. This way, you can ensure that any necessary repairs are finished before the periods when you most rely on your HVAC systems. Schedule any services well before summer or winter starts, so you have time to get your unit seen and tuned up with enough time before summer or winter.

What’s Does an Annual AC Servicing Include?

Your technician will perform several routine checks during servicing. They’ll inspect your system, look for any problems and perform the necessary tune-ups and repairs to maintain your unit. During annual AC servicing, a technician might:

  • Inspect the condensate pump.
  • Check the thermostat.
  • Replace the air filters.
  • Clean and inspect the outdoor and indoor coils.
  • Check refrigerant levels.
  • Clear dirt and debris from the system.
  • Replace the air filters.
  • Flush and treat the condensate drain.
  • Check the ductwork.
  • Inspect the wiring and fuses.
  • Test the pressure controls and relays.

How Much Does HVAC Service Cost?

How Much Does HVAC Service Cost?

Discuss prices and service plans with your HVAC-servicing company for a cost estimate. The exact cost of your HVAC servicing will depend on several factors, including:

  • Where you live.
  • The size of your HVAC system.
  • How often you’re getting it serviced.
  • What repairs you might need.

The cost of HVAC servicing will be higher for larger houses or homes with multiple units. While the price may turn out to be higher than you expected, remember that it’s much more affordable to pay for regular tune-ups instead of costly unit repairs or replacements. You’ll save yourself time, money and peace of mind by getting your systems maintained regularly.

Should I Get an HVAC Service Plan?

Even if you want to get regular tune-ups for your HVAC system, scheduling the best times and budgeting for service costs can be challenging. An HVAC service plan is a great way to make the most of your AC servicing.

In addition to discounts on parts and accessories, a maintenance plan can get you priority service from the repair company. These plans will also guarantee you’ll get service at least once a year, though you can set up your plan to include more visits if you need them.

What Maintenance Can I Do?

It’s critical to leave most of your AC maintenance to professionals. You can hurt yourself or damage the unit further attempting to service it. However, a couple of simple maintenance tasks will help keep your system clean and functioning efficiently in between professional AC maintenance visits.

Change Air Filters

Every AC system has at least one air filter. The filter collects and traps dirt, allergens, dust and debris to keep them from floating around in your home’s air. Eventually, your filter will fill up. When this happens, dirt and dust can block the airflow in your house and start circulating back into the air.

Prevent this by regularly checking and cleaning your air filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Replacing clogged filters can lower your unit’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%, reducing your yearly energy costs. If your filter is too dirty or old, swap it out for a fresh one so your AC can work efficiently again.

Clear Away Debris

Your outside unit sits exposed to weather, animals and dirt year-round, which can lead to jams and mechanical damage if left unchecked. Animals, bugs and moisture can hide inside vegetation, so keep it cut back to protect your system. Make sure to trim all tree branches, bushes and greenery and keep them cleared away from the unit.

While clearing the area, spot check for chewed or frayed wires — animals will sometimes destroy wires without you noticing. If you spot any damage, contact a technician to perform the repairs.

Schedule Your AC Service With Metro Services HVAC

Schedule Your AC Service With Metro Services HVAC

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